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Joseph Cloud


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As an enrolled citizen of Cherokee Nation (ᏣᎳᎩᎯ ᎠᏰᎵ ᎡᎲᎢ/ᎠᏂᏴᏫᏯ) and a descendant of European settlers - I embrace this duality with empathy and authenticity. I study the history of my Indigeneity and work to be an active part of thriving Indigenous futures. 

I explorer. I investigate. I inquire. I strive for balance in the environments I am a part of while maintaining a focus on what we know from the ancestors that came before and how we will leave the world, the systems, and the places for those generations coming up.  

As an arts enthusiast, I have a passion for live theatre, Native artists, and immersive experiences. My goal is to Indigenize spaces by engaging with collaborators, change-makers, and creative beings.

I define personal success by designing environments where all thrive. I am happiest when my work centers on Native youth and young adult programming as well as peer mentorship at any age. A community should be inclusive, supportive, and authentic - and I will fight for that with the power of invitation and belonging. 

"When you find your way out, it's important to turn around and help someone else out." Shawna Baker, Cherokee Supreme Court Justice

"Joseph has been bringing his amazing colleagues and friends to the Center on various Queer Arts Nights for youth to do all kinds of awesome artsy activities. He is dedicated, fun, organized, and passionate about making art and performance accessible to under served queer youth."

Ladon "LJ" Woolston, Social Worker | Trainer | LGBTQ Youth Advocate | RWJF Culture of Health Leader

"His professionalism, strong character and drive makes him an excellent employee and a great team player. I would highly recommend him in a leadership position, as he truly has the ability to excel any project idea to reality." Armen Shaomian, Pianist | Entrepreneur | Professor | Arts Consultant

"Joseph is quite the amazing leader. He embodies all the elements of what it takes to create a positive, focused, yet efficient work environment. I admire his ability to switch gears from stern, forward moving, efficient leadership to caring, thoughtful, and almost meditative mentorship. He understand how to identify key problems in a work environment and is keen on making improvements with every rendition. You can tell he cares about his work, but more importantly, he cares about the health, safety, and well-being of the people he works with."

Ace Anderson, Actor | Designer | Photographer | CEO of The Striped Heart


Cherokee Nation's Ribbon Skirt Fashion Show


The Way We Speak With the World


Native Awareness Workshop Facilitator

Land Acknowledgment Consultant

Coursework at Northeastern State University - BA Cherokee Cultural Studies

Hued Songs Board member, Artistic Operations Manager, and Creative Producer

Diaspora Vibes Cultural Arts Incubator Board member

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