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Why Land Acknowledgements relevant and their history.


A tool of recognition and belonging. 


Location specific and pan-Indiginous issues to highlight.


Leaning in, building community, and allyship.

Full Workshop

5-20 attendees


Full Land Acknowledgement workshop tailored to your organization, location, and goals. This is an 8-hour experience that maybe done in a full day or split over two half days. Pre-planning and post-workshop touchpoints are paraount to success. 

Community Lecture/Series

20-50 attendees


Expand the workshop into something that is meant for larger groups of people either virtually or in-person. 

Information Session

5-10 attendees


This session will touch on the background of Land Acknowledgement and best practices. It is meant to help others understand the importance and impact of Land Acknowledgements. 


1-4 attendees


You are doing the work and you have a question or an idea. You may book an hour consultation where we can discuss your work and process to determine a path forward. 

Theatre Lab Workshop


The goal is for groups to walk away with a deeper understanding of what is important to Native communities, how to create a plan for belonging that embraces Indigenous folks, and provide the tools for crafting a Land Acknowledgement that is actionable. 

Explore below to learn about the intentions of this work. You will also find a breakdown of the different ways this workshop may be approached as well as how to connect. 

Learn the impact of Land Acknowledgement, investigate important issues in Indigenous communities, and discover pathways to actionable allyship with Native people.

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